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Dr. Dennis Kern, DPM

About Us

In October of 1988 Kern Podiatric Group (incorporated as Midwest Foot Care, Ltd.) was founded by business and life partners Dr. Dennis and Mrs. Melodie Kern. As an Illinois licensed podiatrist with over three years of clinical and surgical experiences Dr. Kern specialized in preventative and diabetic care for the elderly, as well as surgical intervention for all age groups. Prior to the company’s inception, Melodie Kern had earned distinction as a successful financial consultant with Merrill Lynch. Mrs. Kern specialized in retirement planning for corporations and individuals. In addition, she managed the investments of retirement wealth for those two groups. Mrs. Kern often traveled to her elderly clients’ homes to advise them.

From his work with the elderly, Dr. Kern discovered that many seniors were postponing much needed treatment due a lack of transportation. Recognizing, that transportation should not be the benchmark for receiving needed podiatric care, the Kerns developed the practice of regular house calls throughout the year to guarantee that patients were receiving the proper treatment in a timely manner.

Periodic care not only enhances the quality of life, but it prevents the loss of limb due to gangrene causing ulcers in diabetics. The principle of the house call was a founding philosophy and is still one of the core services provided today.

For over five years, Dr. Kern served with distinction as chief of Podiatric Medicine at historic Michael Reese Hospital until its close in 2008. Dr. Kern continues to serve as the Medical Director of Kern Podiatric Group (KPG). One of the ongoing considerations for KPG is reinventing the delivery of quality care. In addition to the main office at 320 South Ashland; the practice operates onsite clinics at multiple locations throughout the greater Chicago and suburbs. Under the guidance of Dr. Kern, the Group provides comprehensive podiatric care including preventative care, minimally invasive procedures, treatment of diabetic foot ulcers with advance healing techniques, treatment of open and closed fractures, cosmetic and foot rejuvenating processes, and the latest in surgical corrections of the foot and ankle.

As new technology and techniques are made available KPG adopts and adapts them to provide the most advanced and proven services to new and existing patients. If you have any questions about our offerred services or suggestions on how we can improve your experience feel free to contact us at admin@KernPodiatric.com or (312) 226-Kern.