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Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Wax for the Hands or Feet

Come enjoy soothing aroma therapy while we slip your hands and feet into the Perfectsense™ Paraffin Infusions gloves and slippers. The deep penetrating heat will relax muscles and drives tension from arms, shoulders, legs, and thighs while providing a deep hydration do dry, chapped skin.

Stop by anytime to experience this treatment or request the service in conjunction with your scheduled pedicure or podiatric visit. The Antioxidant Paraffin Infusions from PerfectSense delivers 11 vitamins – including A, C, E, D, B-5 and B-12 – to the skin. Through heat and hydration, Antioxidant Paraffin Infusions provide nutrients vital to healthy skin, hydrating and protecting skin from dryness, cracking, soreness and irritation

Saline water mixes with food-grade minerals to organically warm the all-natural Perfect Sense Paraffin. This eliminates the need for electrically powered, heated paraffin tubs and thus conserving energy. The treatment is administered with the utmost in hygenic care, by using individually sealed paraffin tubs, thus eliminating the risk of bacterial and fungal cross contamination.

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